Too blessed to be obsessed (with food).

You don't need more "willpower" or more "discipline". You need a new solution.

Hi, I'm Vanessa. I'm a registered dietitian with over a decade of clinical experience working with individuals just like you. If eating feels hard, overwhelming or're not alone.

The Love Your Lifestyle Plan is my signature group coaching program for balanced eating habits that feel GOOD.
Vanessa holding sign that reads you don't need a new diet you need a new mindset

12 weeks to reshape your nutrition + mindset + habits for true transformation.

Next kickoff call: July 2nd

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12 week curriculum, bi-weekly calls, lifetime access to the material

This program is for you if

  • You feel anxious, overwhelmed or confused around food

  • You need accountability and support to stick with balanced eating habits

  • You are ready to learn a flexible and sustainable approach to nutrition

  • You are confortable in a virtual and group setting

  • You are ready to prioritize yourself and dedicate time each week to the lessons in this program

  • You are tired of not having enough motivation or willpower

This program is NOT for you if

  • You are looking for another diet or meal plan.

  • Your only interest is weight loss. This program is not weight centric. Instead, we will formulate goals around modifiable lifestyle behaviours i.e.; things you can do daily to better your health.

  • You are suffering from an eating disorder or recently recovered. If so, please write us [email protected] and we will direct you to a solution better suited for your needs.

Not sure if LYLP is right for you?

Let's chat.

Let's live a life worth savouring 💛

Join LYLP and get access to:

  • The framework

    • Video lessons to walk you through the Love Your Lifestyle Framework

    • The LYLP workbook to assist you in the habit change process

    • The 12-week habit roadmap tool to track your progress

  • Support & Accountability

    • 6 bi-weekly group coaching calls with Vanessa (via zoom) with replays available

    • Weekly email check-ins and prompts to keep you laser-focused on your journey

    • Access to our Private Facebook group and community of like-minded individuals

  • Bonuses

    • The Prep phase videos for laying the foundation to living well. • Free pass to any live cooking workshops during your year as a member

The core pillars of my signature program

With lifetime access, you can repeat the 12-week cycle and work towards bigger goals.

Learn what to eat to nourish your cells

• Lesson 1: Eating to thrive
• Lesson 2: The 3x3 formula
• Lesson 3: Finding balance
• Lesson 4:Mindful cooking

Learn how to eat and read your body’s inner cues

• Lesson 1: Hunger and fullness
• Lesson 2: Mindful eating 101
• Lesson 3: Savour to satisfy

Learn to make peace with your plate, your food choices and your body

• Lesson 1: Understanding overeating
• Lesson 2: Respecting your body
• Lesson 3: Living freely

It's not you. It's the diet.

Time to swap your on-again, off-again relationship with food for a committed, healthy one that'll last.

If the best diet is the one you can STICK to, isn't it time to stop suffering through depriving meals?

The Love Your Lifestyle Plan is the result of a decade of experience as a registered dietitian. I will walk you through a healthy habit roadmap to rewire your eating patterns and allow you to create a balanced lifestyle that feels GOOD.

Video lessons, group coaching calls, VIP Facebook community, workbook and email check-ins to support you along the way.
Photo of laptop with  program dashboard

Frequently asked questions

  • What will I get access to when I join?

    Upon joining, you will have immediate access to the video lessons, workbook, bonus Well-stocked kitchen course as well as the Facebook group.

  • How long is the program?

    The curriculum itself and habit roadmap is over 12 weeks (3 months), however you will have unlimited access to the program, so you may take part in future cycles, which many of our alumni do as they set new goals.

  • Will I lose weight?

    Weight modification is not the aim of this program. We will focus on building a balanced lifestyle that feels good. This may or may not result in weight loss.

  • What is the cost.

    The investment is of $750+tx for the 3-month program.

  • Is this covered by insurance?

    It is possible to create insurance receipts for this group program. You must speak with your insurance provider directly to know whether they offer coverage for a group nutrition program offered by a registered dietitian.

ANOTHER healthy eating program?

Not quite. This one hits different.

The Love Your Lifestyle Plan is unlike other programs.

With over a decade of experience as a clinical dietitian, I am here to support you. It is a group coaching offering the benefit of a likeminded community setting but remains a high-touch program with access to me through our support channels.

Over the years, members of LYLP have repeatedly reported using the framework again and again as they navigate the seasons of their life. That is because it allows for flexibility, adaptability but more importantly, an understanding of how YOU fit into the equation to make healthy habits work for you.

Is the process towards creating a balanced lifestyle that you love easy? No, it's not. Change is HARD. And anyone who tells you otherwise is not serving you. I am not here to sugar-coat things, I am here to help you change. That said, this program lays out very SIMPLE habits, that are designed to be buildable, helping you create change that lasts. And in my book, that's the only kind that matters.

Not sure if LYLP is right for you? Let's chat.

Meet your teacher

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Vanessa Perrone Dt.P., M.Sc.

I'm a registered dietitian, author and speaker with over a decade of experience working with individuals just like you. I am also the owner of an established nutrition practice, having trained a team of dietitians on how to best accompany individuals on their most important relationship; the one between our body and our food. If there's one thing I know for sure, it is that food is complex and that each situation is unique. So trying to unpack all of that into a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all diet cannot last. My aim, in all I do, is to help you build balanced eating habits you can sustain, in a way that feels authentic and like your best.